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      Everyone living in society has been toilet trained. This training makes us all less than natural in our feelings about elimination. The universal subversions of natural timing and desire to eliminate make responses much more than just clinical to treatments of the bowels. This is especially true of enemas or colonics. With these treatments, another person takes us to the edge of being able to hold in the contents of the colon. This challenges our most deeply ingrained lesson of youth, that of holding in waste until a proper time and place for elimination. As receivers or givers of colon treatments, understanding these feelings is important. The book, Love Thine Enemas & Heal Thyself, was written to help both patients and providers gain insight into the inter-workings of the mind regarding colon therapy. Although this book contains detailed experiences of patients, it contains nothing obscene or immoral. You can share it with your mother, priest, minister or rabbi.

      In fact your spiritual leader is more likely to share positive feelings about colon cleansing than the lay population. The major religions all teach health and cleanliness in some form. Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism all have sects that use the enema as part of cleansing rituals. Anyone that has ever had an enema knows the peace, serenity and sense of euphoria and well being that can follow a good colon cleansing. Many patients experience heightened spiritual awareness following enemas. Spiritual fasting without enemas frequently causes headaches, and bodily discomfort that can interfere with this sense of spirituality. This is immediately correctable with a simple enema or colonic.

      Enemas expose the most private area of the human body. Enemas and colonics involve stimulation of this highly sensual area. Closely related nerves innervate the sexual organs. The uterus, prostate and internal organs of the pelvis can be warmed and relaxed by enemas. Clinically enemas can relieve some causes of painful intercourse in women, and can be associated in the mind with sex. Receiving an enema regresses you to your first intra personal relationship. Having your bowels cared for by an enema nurse returns you to being a young child cared for by your mother. The sensual stimulation, and regression to a potty training stage of being can open doors to forgotten rooms in the nursery of childhood memories. Where those formative years were associated with the unconditional parental love, the enema brings a sense of release that is much more than physical. Self love and memories of motherly love are a part of the associated feelings about having enemas or colonics.

      Many people, particularly those who are successful and sure of themselves in their lives and work, accept the functions of their bodies as wholesome. They have positive feelings about colon health. Others, who were abused as part of toilet training, often cannot imagine a loving mother or father as part of their lives. They are often very negative and oppose all forms of colon therapy. They cannot view any act of, or stimulating elimination as good. In our modern society with its greater incidence of family stress and abuse in all forms, many people oppose enemas and colonics due to their own history of child abuse as toddlers. They rarely realize why they feel this way. They belittle or attack those who were not abused as children if they detect any positive feelings about colon cleansing. Some have even gone as far as to attempt to enact laws preventing the use of enemas or colonics and have campaigned for their elimination from all health care.

      All of this leaves a very broad area to explore in the non clinical aspects of enemas and their psychological, sexual, spiritual and political consequences. Many of the problems we face as individuals, and as a society, stem from the belief, that we are not worthy of success or love because we are inadequate in some way. No one should ever feel inadequate because they enjoy the normal stimulation of the nerve plexuses of the body designed to transmit pleasure. No one should ever fee