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Irritable Bowel Syndrome has been treated with enemas for many centuries. However, in some circumstances this can be dangerous. Do not use these treatments without the approval of your Chiropractor, naturopath, MD or other physician licenced and qualified to advise you in these matters.

Colitis and Irritable bowel syndrome have always been with us. They are common problems. A little understanding of how they work, and why they happen, is important to understanding treatment and cure. Not all people can get irritable bowel syndrome. Some people seem to have GI tracts made of tygon tubing, impervious to all attacks. Others of us develop diarrhea with no provocation. I remember spending a few days with every major change in my life hovering near the toilet. Most cases of colitis come from Irritable bowel syndrome. That is the hovering thing. Under stress, those of us with a tendency to IBS get diarrhea. If the stress goes on long enough and enough damage is done to the colon, then it becomes colitis. Other types of colitis have different causes. In this, the most common type of irritable bowel syndrome, the damage to the colon is an acid burn.

The colon is the end of the digestive production line in the body and is a common site of problems. Your senses protect the mouth. Pain, taste, touch, smell and sight check out everything that goes in here. A layer of protective mucous protects the stomach from its own acids. The small intestine is the most isolated area of the GI tract and seems almost impervious to anything except an external invasion. Less than 1 percent of all GI problems occur here. Most problems with the Gastrointestinal tract occur at the beginning, or the end. Disorders of the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach and duodenum are common. So are problems of the colon. The colon, being on the end of the production line, does not need the protective mechanisms of the beginning of the tract that must detect problems of all sorts. It is designed to extract water and some nutrients, store waste for convenient discharge, and check the waste products and other things not absorbed by the body for bacterial content. It is one part of a total system.

The system operates like one big chemical plant, breaking down raw materials and reassembling them for use of the body, and eliminating waste products. The first part of that system, the mouth and stomach are primarily destructive organs. Enzymes are present all along this process and into the small intestine to continue the break down of foods and make them absorbable. The mouth crushes the food and sends it to the stomach where it is digested in acid. Then the broken down particles are picked up in the small intestine and transported to the liver for re manufacture into the molecules that we use to run our lives. Fats are sent directly into the blood stream and used for energy production and energy storage. The absorption process continues throughout the small intestine and into the colon. The colon is selective in what it absorbs just as is the mouth. We do absorb some nutrients in the mouth. B12 can be absorbed under the tongue, as it can in the colon. One difference may be that it is usually in contact with the colon wall much longer without being disturbed. So that things like B12, which healthful bacteria in the colon normally make, apparently, are absorbed there. This explains why healthful vegans, who eat no animal products, and thus get no B12 in their diets, do not seem to develop B12 deficiency even after many years with no intake of this vitamin. The colon cannot absorb sugar, but does very well with other things. Calcium is absorbed there.

The colon is lined with immune system testing stations, so that all that reaches it is tested and reported to the lymphatic system for use in monitoring immune responses. We will cover this in detail in my next book on conditions treated by colon cleansing. It is why we see such a good response to treating allergies, immune system disorders and systemic infections with gently washing the colon. The colon is very important in electrolyte and water balance in the body. The bulk of the water flowing from the small intestine is absorbed in the ascending colon. Part of the function of the small intestine is to inject large amounts of water into the products of digestion. Nutrients in the small intestine are a thin soup of nutrients ready for absorption. The colon is intended to absorb the vast majority of this water. What is left is a relatively solid waste product, ready for disposal. Most cases of diarrhea from food poisoning or bacteria, is simply an inhibition of this normal water absorbing capacity of the colon. In these diseases, the colon allows the soup of the small intestine to flow directly to the anus. The mechanism of the diarrhea of irritable bowel syndrome is different.

As any system designed to be at the end of the assembly line does not need to have the same universally defensive design as do organs that are on the front line. The colon does not have to deal with all things taken in by mouth. Pathenogenic bacteria should all be killed. Sugars and absorbable foods should be removed. All that should be left when digestive products reach the colon should be indigestible residue and waste products. The colon is not particularly resistant to bacterial invasions, and in fact, is the home of several pounds of friendly bacteria in healthful people. These healthful bacteria form an external source of some important functions. We were never intended to live totally distinctly from our environment. Throughout our lives we adapt to our external circumstances. We learn. We wear appropriate clothes for the temperatures. We also can change our internal flora to digest different foods. Each raw vegetable we eat should have some bacteria growing on it. That bacterium lives by digesting that food. Some of these bacteria will make it though the stomach and small intestine to set up house keeping in the colon. If we continue to eat foods that leave residues that are foods to these bacteria, they will thrive in our colons. In eating salads and other fresh from the garden foods we constantly change our colonic flora. Some of them are important and make things like the B12 we need, or release and make the calcium in our foods more absorbable. This is a whole world within our colons that is very symbiotic with us. We do not survive well without this healthful internal flora. How we live and what we take into our bodies affects this flora and our overall health. Chlorine, antibiotics and other agents can have serious effects on this flora and indirectly have serious effects on our health. On effect is the iatrogenic creation of cases of colitis and irritable bowel syndrome by antibiotic therapy. Without normal flora which antibiotics can kill, many people develop diarrhea and an irritable bowel syndrome following a course of antibiotics or eating animal products laced with antibiotics. The taking of a good course of acidophilus bacteria can often prevent this. Eat fresh greens or living krauts or other foods containing healthful living bacteria, particularly if antibiotics or animal products containing antibiotics, are consumed.

The colon is not sensitive to most forms of pain. It does not tell the brain if it is hot, cold, or full of rotten debris, at least directly. There are no nerves to send this kind of message to the brain. However, many neurotransmitters are made in the digestive tract. These transmitters are chemicals that the nervous system makes to respond to different situations. In the brain more than ten basic chemicals made by different nerve cells to control and set the stage of response in the mind. Most of these are also made, and often in greater quantities, in the GI tract, when stimulated by some factor. They are released into the blood stream. This sets the response stage of the nervous system. It does not affect the individual nerves directly. Changes of moods, nervousness or other vague changes in emotional states occur, but no specific sensations related to the organs involved. We are all unique in these responses and productions. No two humans will have the same reaction to foods via production of neuro-stimulating chemicals or in the reaction to the production of those chemicals. The varying role of the small intestine is probably most dominant in this area, I am not as well informed of the colonic responses, they may in fact be greater. I will include more on this when I can get to my library and the books. I have stored on this subject, for my later reprint of this article. It is an area that stimulates the production of serotonin. We know that enemas can stimulate the production of this neurotransmitter. This is important in relieving migraine headaches.

One thing that from the beginning of the colon, in the cecum, to the end, in the rectum, there is a gradual reduction in the ability to handle acid. Acid in the beginning of the colon tends to be an irritation. In the rectum, it burns. So that acid placed in the rectum will burn that area, just as it would if placed on the skin. The problem is that the rectum does not have pain fibers to tell if it is being burned. A drop of acid on the skin causes sharp localized pain. We do what is necessary to get it off. In the colon there is no direct sensation of burning. The acid can burn a real hole with almost no response other than the generalized irritability or reflex pain to other areas. It is no accident that the most common type of colitis starts in the rectum and works its way around the colon---if we do not remove the acid.

Where this acid comes from is not externally. The acid comes from the stomach or some other acid producing cells inappropriately located in the wrong place in the GI tract. I once had a patient with a Meckel's Diverticulum (a birth defect) that we recognized on x-ray. This defect is a small side tract off the small intestine. It often has some stomach cells in it. These produce acid every time the stomach is stimulated to produce and can cause colitis. He was in his 70s and had had a delicate digestion all his life. He was a tall thin man. He avoided coffee, stimulants, stress and protein, all of which cause the stomach, and in his case this piece of stomach tissue located just above his colon in the digestive tract, to produce acid. This would almost instantly burn his colon. He had learned to eat in accordance with his problem by trial and error. His selection of a primarily vegetarian diet, with no milk or cheese, and a high amount of green vegetables was the classic one to also prevent ulcers from stomach acid. IBS or colitis from acid burning, where the control of acid flow into the colon is not stopped by the normal mechanisms in the small intestine, would also be prevented. Actually despite his life long digestive problems, he was in very good health due to this diet, which also prevents many forms of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other chronic ailments which usually affected people of his age. These had bypassed him because of this birth defect and his response to it.

Stomach acid is not intended ever to reach the colon. We produce plenty of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This breaks down protein. The production of this acid is caused whenever the stomach encounters a high protein food. Coffee, tea and other digestive stimulants also stimulate it. Thought can stimulate it. We can think about eating a steak and begin pumping out acid. This is a learned response that is quite unplanned but useful in nature. Now if we are truly in tune with nature and are in a perfect environment, we think about the high protein meal, it is there and we eat it. The acid is gone, the food is broken down and all is well. Unfortunately it does not always work like that. Some people think protein, or stimulate this response without the presence of a meal. They can drink coffee to excess and keep a constant flow of acid into the stomach. This is a major reason for ulcers, and a secondary one for acidic colon burns. Most people that abuse this system will get ulcers rather than colitis. This is because that with a normal response to stress, coupled with the excessive production of stomach acid, the stomach is burned and the first part of the small intestine, not the colon.

One of the first things that the small intestine does is to dump a large amount of fluid and digestive enzymes, and chemical digestants into the food as it passes out of the stomach. It also neutralizes the acid. So if this system is working well, there should be no burning farther down the line from the stomach acid. However, what happens if all this acid is produced and a large emotional stress is added? One thing is that the digestive system shuts down. In battle, men throw up and get the food and acid out of their stomachs. We do not do that with constant stress. We hold our food down. The body responds to stress in the short run by stopping or strongly slowing the rate of flow though the digestive tract. Food that should enter the mouth and depart the anus within four hours or so, can take days to get out. Complete constipation is a common response to a sudden stress. If the stress continues unabated for days or weeks, constipation forced on the digestive tract by the nervous system begins to break down.

The sympathetic nervous system, which runs this part of the response to stress, fatigues. It goes from having all its energy standing on the breaks to stop all GI activity to being completely off the breaks. The way the nervous system works is to keep a balance of breaking and acceleration, neither too much nor too little. In perfect health, the sympathetic nervous system applies an occasional push to the breaks of the GI tract slowing it down. The parasympathetic nervous system applies a steady pressure on the accelerator trying to speed it up. The balance of these activities in a perfectly natural state is that everything eaten, is pumped down the digestive tube at a perfect speed. In very much the same manner as we drive down the street using the breaks and accelerator to move in harmony with the traffic around us and reach our destination safely and quickly, the parasympathetic and sympathetic control the trip through the GI tract. If the breaks fail from constant over use with the sympathetic nervous responses, then the GI tract cannot stop when needed. One difference is that we have two drivers of this system. The sympathetic system controls the breaks. The parasympathetic system controls the accelerator. If they are not working together, the system goes out of control. Parasympathetic failure is very uncommon. In life we see sympathetic system failures much more often. Most of us can drive this system to the breaking point in which no more juice remains to apply the breaks. It takes some time and rest to restore these chemicals and have a functioning sympathetic system again. Under constant stress, or without the proper response to stress breaks stop working. The system which prevents stomach acid from reaching the colon can fail.

How this can happen, is that with a high stomach acid level, from diet, stimulants or just the persons own thinking, this can be brought all the way to the colon if coupled with a sympathetic nervous system fatigue problem. This does not usually cause major problems in the ascending colon, but if this acid reaches the rectum, it burns. The person does not realize they are being burned. They are just uncomfortable, or irritable. They may notice burning of the anus or skin around the anus with the diarrhea, but internally they do not feel the pain. Like most burns, the occasional sun burn or cooking burn, if it is not too severe, and the source of the burn is removed, the system heals. However, if the burn is severe, or is chronic, as it can easily be from stomach acid, then a pattern is established.

The rectum is most sensitive to acid burns and this area is affected first. The constant cycle of stomach acid being dumped into the rectum, causes a chronic burn. The tissue contracts and instead of a nice flexible passage, which expands and contracts when needed, it becomes a stiff spastic tube. As the disease moves up into the sigmoid colon, this area also becomes hard and inflexible. Part of the effect of this is that feces cannot move down into this area without being forced by contractions and pressure from above. The bowel movements are held higher and higher up in the colon. How we know to go to the toilet is the feeling of fullness in the rectum and lower bowel. With irritable bowel syndrome, feces stop filling these areas and are held higher in the colon. We have no desire to have bowel movements. Any bowel movement must be forced in some way. Laxatives or enemas are needed just to have a daily BM.

If we just ignore this, there will be no urgency to go. We can just skip a few days. This is never healthful, and adds a new problem. While the pattern may be started with bouts of stress and acid burning, it is continued by a very different process. Feces retained, just do not sit there patiently awaiting evacuation. We are designed to get rid of waste. Holding on to it beyond the appointed hour for its discharge is not good. There is always a price to pay. One thing retained feces do is to rot. Expelled on time they are soft and mildly odoriferous. Held for too long, they get hard and difficult to propel down the colon. They become steadily more offensive in smell. Held longer, they decompose into a fetid liquid that is very smelly, carcinogenic and acidic. Having frequent gas that could clear the Astro Dome, shows a need to investigate diet and bowel habits. The decomposed feces create a new level of acid burning from the by products of their decomposition. The progression of the colitis steadily around the colon starting in the rectum and working to the cecum, is the worst case scenario. The cycle of diarrhea followed by constipation followed by diarrhea, is just the cycle of feces blocked from being expelled, rotting, being expelled, followed by new feces--, on and on.

The pattern begins like this. Little Jean or John gets diarrhea a lot. Every trip to grandma's house, or during the last or first week of school, etc. they have the runs. Parents notice that this is stress related. The child that gets diarrhea with change may be headed for irritable bowel syndrome. It will depend of several factors and when and if these all come together at the right time to initiate the disease. This kind of kid can develop more serious reactions as they grow up. The trials of the teens may bring on more serious symptoms as their stress levels go up with the normal identity crises of these years. The diarrhea gets more frequent. They may hide it and not let anyone know they are having bouts of diarrhea or constipation. It is a normal teen thing to do but gets more frequent. Then as the diarrhea becomes constant, there are bouts of constipation as well. If the pattern is allowed to continue until they have either constipation or diarrhea, and no other bowel movements, they are in trouble. It is this type of bowel disease that I have seen such success in treating and preventing with enemas.

The attempt to hide bowel problems is designed within our thinking. Even in the earliest days of civilization, children learned to go outside the tent to have bowel movements. Then they learn to go outside the village to a more private place, or at least one out of smelling range of others. Even cats do this. We institutionalize this privacy about the bowels. Each of us has a strong cultural tendency to be private about the function of our bowels if the neural circuitry in the brain governing social relationships is working. There are areas where this cannot be hidden though. In the Bible, it states that the seat of the personality is the colon. The colon only responds to rapid stretching with pain, but to irritation it responds with changes in the personality. People with irritations in their bowels are irritable. They are nervous and emotionally. This has nothing to do with their current environment. The nervousness, that would be quite normal in other circumstances, is rather constant or inappropriate to their surroundings. Many a good mother has learned that an irritable baby or child has physical causes for their crankiness. If a good warm baking soda enema instantly relieves the irritability then it is logical that the cause may be irritation of the bowel rather than their external environment. I do not want to overstate this though, even a perfectly normal colon is relaxed by a good enema. It is a universal constant to be relaxed and more at peace following an enema. This is only more dramatic when the colon is irritated. Looking to every other source except the functions of our own bodies when we feel bad is very human. As humans we blame the external world for everything. It is the older brother teasing, the neighbors fighting or any other imagined cause of the nervousness that can be manufactured as a cause. IBS sufferers respond to external stresses, but the cause their too emotional tone is usually the bowels.

Before we go on, there are genetic weaknesses. I may have had diarrhea under stress, but never came close to developing this pattern of alternating constipation and diarrhea. I got ulcers. When the stresses of life got too much for me in the military, college or career, I got severe stomach pain and peptic ulcers. I got that, so did my dad, grandfather, most of my uncles and aunts. Stomach ulcers run in my father's family. I am very vulnerable to these, but I do not remember anyone having colitis. We all have weaknesses and predispositions. If you are from a family of IBS, and have these tendencies, then it is more likely that you will develop these problems. It is not a certainty. If you do have these tendencies, it just means that you need to make adaptations so that you do not get the full-blown disease. In my family we were all aware of what needed to be done to keep the stomach pain down. I eat a lot of okra. My father spent a lot of time sitting in the dining room stuffing roll aids down his throat. If you have a tendency to IBS you just need to move to the other end for treatment. The dining room may not be a good place for taking care of this. Some place more relaxed where you can kick your undies off, lay back and see just how many quarts from that ole enema bag you can make disappear, is better.

My opinion of most current medical treatment for the early stages of this disease is very low. Medical practices tend to be self limiting to pill and surgical care. I can see little value in either approach to most cases of irritable bowel syndrome. The pills recommended are as logical as taking an aspirin for an acid burn. Perhaps afterwards, but if you happen to get battery acid on your hands, you don't take a pill! You wash it off! Modern medicine makes very few recommendations for enemas. Properly given enemas wash the acid off the sensitive tissue and cure or prevent the acute problem. Pills and surgery, do not address the problem at all. With IBS it is good to suggest dietary changes and stress reduction and management programs once the acute episode is neutralized via some good enemas. The years I suffered from loose bowels with every stress, I did not know how to deal with stress. No doctor ever gave me much advice on this. One had me take long walks every day, and frankly this did help, but my approach to life needed modification. No doctor ever mentioned not drinking milk or not using milk products. I found this on my own. Being a strict vegan, even under extreme stress, I have never had anything like the symptoms I had as a milk drinking, meat eater. These approaches do work. All people with bowel problems should look to them as real cures. The best short term cures directly address the colon via enemas.

I have treated many cases of ulcerative colitis. With my treatment I order baking soda enemas daily until it is under control. This usually takes about three days to a week with a typical mild case. There is a type of colitis associated with enemas, pseudo membranous colitis. In this disease the colon is coated with blisters. Chemicals or heat can cause this, as in soap or too hot an enema. A few medical books say not to use enemas because of this. However, that is a little like saying not to drink water when thirsty because boiling water can burn. Even the village idiot does not try to drink boiling water. However, they are right in the sense that the wrong kind of enema can seriously injure a patient with colitis. Enemas like everything else require a little common sense. Please get a copy of my chapter on how to give an enema from my web site How To Give An Enema  or get it from my book Love Thine Enemas & Heal Thyself, before using this therapy. Both enemas and common sense are particularly indicated when treating colitis. NEVER USE SOAP OR ANY CHEMICALS THAT ARE NOT SPECIFICALLY CALLED FOR BY YOUR CHIROPRACTOR, MEDICAL DOCTOR OR OTHER PERSONAL PHYSICIAN IN ENEMA SOLUTIONS FOR TREATING COLITIS OR IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. Water should be 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Baking soda is the only chemical I recommend, however, I am sure that herbs can be useful. I just will not address that here and leave that to others more knowledgeable about the herbs. In a later publication I will address herbal preparations for colon infusions. For right now I want to keep it simple. Simplicity is important since even many doctors have trouble understanding the very elementary physiology of how enemas work to correct colitis's or irritable bowel syndrome's cause, and oppose their use. Lets not make things even more complicated.

Slippery elm can be taken orally mixed with juice, water or as tablets. ( I prefer Thayer's Slippery Elm tablets from the health food store. They are easy to carry and use. It takes at least one to about four hours after taking a handful of these tablets to beginning easing the pain of colitis. It takes only minutes with a flax seed enema. Both these treatments are very effective without any side effects. Flax seed and slippery elm are instant cures as soon as they coat the areas of irritation. I order the slippery elm for ulcers or colitis orally. Eating slippery elm will usually ease ulcer pain in less than twenty minutes with no negative side effects. A few days of constant consumption of this will usually cure an acute attack of ulcers. However, with ulcers there is the risk of hemorrhage, so consult your doctor as well. Flax and Slippery elm are very similar in action. Flax enemas give instant relief of the pain of colitis is most cases. The slipperiness and coating effects are the secrets. Both coat and protect the lining of the GI tract. Flax enemas are made by boiling a cup of flax seeds in water then filtering this through a filter of some sort, usually a cloth, to get the jell, water mix leaving the seeds in the filter. Mixing this with enough water to bring it to 103 degrees Fahrenheit then administer it to the patient. Giving large quantities of this is not important. A one-half qt enema is plenty, then have them change positions to move it around the colon. Holding it is the important thing. The patient should take the enema and hold it. This is a retention enema--- for hours if possible. The goal is to coat the colon, not dilate it or cause absorption. The patient will usually have instant relief of pain. If it is possible a good cleansing baking soda enema before hand will make this more effective, by removing the acidic source of the burning. However, this is a judgement call. If the pain is bad, the flax seed will ease it. After they hold this for an hour, when things are settled down do a good cleansing baking soda enema to clear the colon. Then repeat the flax seed retention enema and have them just hold it until they completely absorb it. This will undo part of the cause. To get to the cause I will cover a few environmental causes then internal ones.

Chlorine--- In the mouth of an active volcano there is not much organic life and plenty of chlorine. Chlorine ir rarely seen with organic life in nature. Chlorine is an excellent chemical way of killing most living things. A reason for many problems, most notably hardening of the arteries, is chlorine in the water. Drinking it, it goes into the system, and out through the lungs--- no harm done, except it kills cells. It is transported around the system and to the lungs for exhaling via the veins and arteries. They get the brunt of the damage from chlorine. In a few hundred years it is a certainty that historians will look back on our use of chlorine with the same degree of shock that we look on the Roman use of Lead cups. In the colon chlorine has another interesting effect. The colon is the site of many healthful flora. Chlorine kills these bacteria. In hospitals most water enemas are simply taken from the tap. Tap water high in chlorine is bad for colitis patients. They can irritate and cause colitis. NO PERSON WITH AN IRRITATED BOWEL SHOULD EVER BE GIVEN TAP WATER ENEMAS THAT CAN CONTAIN CHLORINE. This, I believe, may be one reason for the old medical books recommending enemas for irritable bowel syndrome and colitis, and new ones saying they are harmful. Using distilled water is great, no bacteria, and no killing of normal bacteria.

Another factor that kills normal bacteria is antibiotics. We get that via prescription--- right? A good dose of antibiotics can cause instant colitis by killing the normal bacteria throwing the whole system into disarray, particularly the colon. Surprisingly, the most common source is not antibiotics via prescriptions, it is via animal products. Chicken, turkey etc. are often soaking in antibiotics, as can be meat or milk or milk products. Using these and having irritable bowel syndrome or colitis can cause an acute attack or create a chronic problem. A strict vegan diet is important in the prevention and treatment of colitis or irritable bowel syndrome. As well the meat itself is acidic, causing an increase acid production in the stomach. This can set off colitis if the acid reaches the colon as it can with stress.

The baking soda counteracts acid. This is the reason I use baking soda enemas to treat colitis. Baking soda is alkaline. It reacts with any acid to neutralize it, and is not a strong enough base to cause any burns on its own. It works. In fact it works so well, the body thought of it first. The colon pumps bicarbonate into the colon to neutralize acid own its own in health. The use of baking soda to treat many conditions of excess acidity is very old. In colds and infections these enemas helps restore the acid alkaline balance. In colitis they help prevent and heal acid burns. The old books recommend one tablespoon of baking soda per quart of water. I think this is too much. I recommend one teaspoon of baking soda per quart. Even the higher amount has never been reported to have caused any problems at all. So I am probably just being over cautious in my recommendations. However, with IBS or colitis I like the enemas to be as soothing as possible and want to keep the alkaline content usable, but very mild.

The major reason, in my experience for colitis, is internal. Stress, or inability to handle stress, is cited in most cases of colitis. We all approach this differently. During the Civil War, Stone Wall Jackson sat on his horse at the battle of Chancellorsville, calmly munching a pear, bullets flying all around him. Twelve thousand men were killed. This did not stress him at all. He loved battles. Very few people feel the way about battles that Stonewall did. Most of us are sane. When we look across a field at thousands of people, all shooting us, our desire to eat pears drops off sharply. We want to run away as fast as we can. If our value system requires that we suppress this natural desire, and stand and fight, many of us get sick to our stomachs, throw up or have diarrhea. This can be a beginning cause of colitis. Battle stress can be huge. It forces us to violate every principle of self preservation. If it last more than a few days a high percentage of the people involved will have diarrhea from the constant stress. Three of more days of being shot at, turns most men's killer instincts into diarrhea. The Northern forces were criticized for failing to maintain engagement with the Confederate forces once they had destroyed the power of the Confederacy. Unfortunately for the victors in battle their troops as well suffered from these long battles. Victorious troops with acute diarrhea are more likely to run to the latrine than after other soldiers. They need a few days for their bowels to settle down just as the losers do. If the stress is constant, if there are no breaks to recoup the system begins to be damaged. At the end of this war, the always outnumbered and out gunned Confederate forces faced repeating battles with overwhelming numbers of fresh Northern troops. Within days the completely depleted Confederate army surrendered. They criticized General Lee for failure to lead his men into the mountains and continuing the resistance. However, after years of battle, and weeks of constant engagement, it is very unlikely his men could continue the war. I do not have any idea how many of these Confederate soldiers returned home with chronic bowel problems. It is certain that many of them did have irritable bowel syndrome.

An unremitting war, a bad marriage, or some thing within our selves that we cannot accept and we can have a problem. Some have heart attacks; some have cancer; some have irritable bowel syndrome or colitis. A person that gets diarrhea under stress can get irritable bowel syndrome. This can become colitis. It is my opinion that most colitis is from this, just unmanaged stress. Treating the cause, i.e. changing the interpretation of the stress, accepting the things that we cannot change is the real cure--- or removing the source of the stress, where that is possible. Enemas, I believe, are the next best treatment. It is a problem that must be approached from one end or the other, heads or tails--- or both.

Any person that responds frequently to stress with diarrhea should have their colon filled with warm baking soda enemas at those times of stress. These can prevent this pattern from damaging the colon. The troops would have much more appreciated civil war battle field hospitals had there been some large tents, preferably down wind from the encampment, where hundreds of enema bags and latrines were constantly being filled. The kid that comes home from every exam with diarrhea, the worker that responds to every conflict with loose stools, anyone with this pattern will have a longer, happier, healthier life if they are given good, soothing, alkalizing enemas as soon as they can be administered following stress. Having the enema will help take their mind off their troubles and relieve the problem before it starts. Please read my chapter at my web site on how to do an enema before treating anyone with this condition though, or get my book (Love Thine Enemas & Heal Thyself) and read the chapter on how to give an enema. Serious harm can be done if enemas are done incorrectly. This is particularly true for patients with colon disorders.

Also the giving of the enema cannot be a stress in and of itself or it undoes the effect. A few misguided medical books report the receiving of an enema as humiliating. No one should ever feel this way. It should be a nurturing experience, without any shame. The giving of an enema is a very motherly thing to do. The person should know that it will be gentle and non stressful and that it is given out of love and concern for them. It is much better if they hold as much water as they can and work with their nurse to achieve a great enema. An irritable bowel patient may have trouble taking the enema and needs patience and understanding. If the lower bowel is irritated, they may have urgency and difficulty getting the water deep enough in their colons to be effective. The person giving their enema will need to help them relax into the process. Leaving the nozzle in for a few minutes if they were not able to take very much is a good idea. As they hold it the spasmodic areas of the colon may relax, let the water go farther up and ease more of the irritation. Give them some more enema when they are comfortable with it. They should hold the enema for at least ten minutes before expelling. If you are their mother, wife, husband or friend, or just a stranger helping them out, it is very appropriate that you use this time to rub or scratch their back and let them feel you care. Having an enema is a very intimate and personal thing. It can be a time of caring interpersonal communication, or just embarrassing. Giving enemas with a positive mental attitude toward helping is important. The nurse and the patient working together to nicely fill and soothe the colon makes this a positive experience. Working together to achieve this goal, forms strong bond with the patient. After all not since they were in training pants have they tried to work with another person so directly with the desired end of holding the contents of their colon for another person. Reassure them that they are worthwhile, regardless of how well they did on the test, how their job is going or whatever is stressing them. This can defuse part of the psychological causes of many cases of colitis. It is important to remember that the purpose and method of the enema for a colitis patient has little to do with how much water they can take, or making it a single treatment. It may be necessary to give a few injections before they relax enough to take a good enema. The repeated washing with mildly alkaline water will do much to lower their stress level and ease their pain.

As a child if having a mother or care taker that is understanding and not repulsed by giving enemas, it makes life much easier. We all desire is some part of our sub conscious to be kids again totally cared for and submitting to the loving care or a parent. No experience is so childlike as taking a large warm enema. Being able to return to that childlike state, following stress is very healing. Many have bowel problems more severely during their teens. Surges of growth hormone causes increased constipation. Menstruation disrupts normal bowel patterns. This is a trying time for everyone. It is a time that the teenager is making the transition from being a child to being an adult. All teenagers want to be adults and not be children. They argue, get mad-- do all sorts of things to assert their independence. Then the next moment they are little kids again. If they have irritable bowel syndrome and their parents know how to care for it properly, they will be receiving enemas. It is difficult to act grown up laying in bed, bare bottomed on a towel with an enema nozzle gurgling in your bottom. I cannot remember any John Wayne or Clint Eastwood movies where the heros did this while begging "I can't hold any more. Please Stop, and let me go to the bathroom!" This is particularly difficult for teenagers. Little kids do not usually even seem to notice that they were given enemas. Adults may take them in their stride. Teens are usually sure they will die of embarrassment. It is a very challenging experience to their attempts to become an adult. Teenagers with bowel problems need enemas. Preventing the pattern of irritable bowel syndrome from developing at this age can literally save their entire lives. Graduation from high school, college, first dates, first loves, etc. all these are very stressful to the ego of the individual. If they have a tendency toward IBS, their need for these treatments goes up at these times of life, as it does during any transition time. It is just that they are becoming sexual, and are shy and unsure of themselves and their more private body functions. In our society a teenager is much better prepared to take their place on a battle field, than an enema treatment table. However, it is a touch of intimacy that can remain a bond with a parent throughout life. We all need an enema occasionally, and families that can do this without shame or embarrassment usually remain close.

To a person with colitis or irritable bowel syndrome, this is a big part of life. The pain, discomfort and nervousness affect their life and relations with other people. Once you are grown and own your own it is far more difficult to find someone that will care about your condition. That does not mean it is not important. If you grew up in a home where your parents actively supported your health, this is important to you. If they gave enemas when needed it is important that your family by marriage also share this, if it is possible. Having IBS or colitis weeks pass, in which you will need the bag used on you each day. If you are not in a relationship in which your partner cares for you enough to do this for you, it will take personal discipline to follow though with these treatments. Making such a time consuming and personal form of treatment successful is difficult, where loved ones are not supportive.

The intimate personal care of a mate in this way can be very bonding for a couple. It can be very divisive if they do not provide it when needed. Most of us are reluctant to ask for an enema, or to give one to ourselves, if our partners are not supportive. It is important that a husband and wife have signals and cues to know when to respond. The person with IBS needs to be able to signal their mate. They need a signal that it is time to tell them that they are going to have an enema. Most people, by the nature of their privacy instincts, find if very difficult to ask to be given an enema--- at least directly. No more effective way to insure a powerful personal relationship with your mate exists, than to care for their most personal intimate needs, and read their cues in these areas. All of us are usually very open to being gently loved. We want holding. We love pampering. Being cared for completely is a dream. Receiving an enema should be one of these experiences. It is a good time for all the caresses given for no other reason than to show love. For a wife or husband, after they return from the toilet, shared pleasures may be appropriate. The nerves of the pelvic floor should be warmed and relaxed. Finding their underwear may not be a priority. Between or after enemas is a good time for love making. This too, is helpful for IBS in restoring the security of being loved. Having the bowels cleaned, soothed and relaxed followed by being lost in the arms of your husband or wife massively helps to bring relaxation and relieve stress. Making love when your nerves are jangled or totally out of control, and your colon is tender to the touch may be difficult for a man, and very difficult for a woman. Once the colon is cleared of its contents, and relaxed, the situation is very different.

If you are single and not yet in a good relationship and have IBS, it is well to consider this. The health and condition of your colon will affect your life and the life of anyone that shares your life. If you have experienced the healing results of well-given enemas with your problem, it is something that is important to be able to share with a mate. In the early stages of this disease, prophylactic treatment with enemas can prevent the disease from ever becoming fully active. To be sure of this care, having the support of your family and mate is important. Many people will be very open to helping with this as a wife or husband. Many would rather eat a rotten egg. It all relates to their toilet training. Those abused as part of toilet training, usually have deep-seated hostility toward any form of colon work. Those, raised by loving mothers, who positively toilet trained them, are usually neutral or positive about colon cleansing. Telling how people feel about this is difficult. No one remembers their toilet training. It happens before specific memory kicks in, about age three. So we never know exactly what happened to us in those very important formative years ourselves. We just know we either like the idea or it is repulsive. Few people have tatoos on their foreheads announcing their willingness to give enemas. Such intimate care is, and can be very important in marriage, particularly a marriage in which one partner or the other needs this care to be healthful. Do you have these sorts of problems and want a loving mate to be supportive and stand by you? Actually, you might want them to stand behind and a little toward the foot of the bed! Broach the subject early enough on to know whether they are open or not. Having a mate for life that does not want to deal with your problems, it is not good. IBS gets worse with ignoring, not better. Most loving mates can learn to care for the needs of their partners. If you are in a relationship where your mate needs to work though this, try to help them too. The reward can be good health and a good marriage.

If the person already has colitis, daily large baking soda enemas followed with flax seed enemas. It depends on how much damage is done. In most mild cases about three days of daily treatment is all that they need to relieve the symptoms of a mild case of active colitis or irritable bowel syndrome. If the enemas are combined with a strict vegan diet, and some paradigm shifts, the cure can be complete. If however the colon is badly damaged, there are problems. I love to get involved early in the situation, when real cures are possible. If the colon is already destroyed, to the point where it cannot regenerate the wall and return to normal, if may not be possible to do the enemas or save the colon. They require accurate diagnosis and treatment. Before doing any enemas or conservative care, check with a competent physician. The bowel can rupture and bleed with more severe cases. This can be fatal. I have treated many cases of colitis. I have also refused to take on some patients. I felt the risk of treatment was too high, and referred them for medical care. It is possible for a colon severely weakened by this disorder to rupture with an enema, or perforate and pour colonic materials into the abdominal cavity. This is very serious. Please do not take the information I have given here and rush out and take on advanced cases of this disease, or any case of a person with this disorder unless it has been cleared with a health care professional. Their doctor, chiropractor or other physician should know their condition and have adequate education to decide whether gently given enemas are safe or not. Though chiropractors may be well trained in this area of diagnosis and treatment, not all states recognize this. So that they may not be licenced to advise on this in your area.

The enema is a very effective tool in treating colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. It is not for everyone. Before the situation is serious, when they are just having mild bouts of diarrhea with stress, properly given enemas are safe. With full-blown colitis, be very careful. In the guide lines for colon hydro therapists, they often state that colon therapists should not treat colitis patients. I treated colitis patients routinely in my practice. However, I am a licenced chiropractic physician, trained in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. I have given and interpreted hundreds of barium enemas and do decline to treat some colitis patients. It is just that after the damage passes a certain degree, using enemas of colonics is dangerous. One difficulty comes in that most medical doctors and many chiropractors no longer recommend enemas, or if they do they recommend the small chemical enemas. These small chemical enemas are very irritating to the bowel and should never be used with IBS or colitis patients. Only large warm baking soda enemas, or soothing enemas are to be used. So that the advice of physicians, while necessary, may be tainted. It is vital to get good advice, honest advice. I have no idea where to tell you to go. Fifty years ago all nurses and most doctors had some experience with enema therapies. Now they, as a group, do not. Chiropractors and naturopaths are trained in college to do colonic irrigations, but not all these people use, support or understand their use. Nor are the studies very much in depth in this area. Most graduate school education in a medical, chiropractic or naturopathic physicians four years of graduate school in specific diseases is brief. There is a lot to study, and colitis and IBS are not a major part of the curriculum. Briefly most docs get an overview of symptoms, a smattering of the anatomy and physiology of the condition and set of treatments. The MD learns what pills to give. The DC learns which adjustments to give and when to refer. The ND learns herbs, homeopathics, etc. To my knowledge none go into any depth in how to use enemas or colon therapy in treating colitis or IBS. Frankly this is the only logical and effective way to go, but so few doctors have any knowledge of the principles. This creates a vacuum, unfilled by any professional healing group right now.

Foods need to be considered. In irritations of the colon in the acute phase, of course almost no roughage should be taken. This will increase pain, but more important than saying no roughage, is the type of roughage. Soft roughage is good, harsh is bad. Psyllium husks are good when acute pain is relieved. Bran may not be good for a long time after the symptoms are gone. During the first phase, I recommend very little fiber. NO MILK OR MILK PRODUCTS SHOULD BE TAKEN. They should eliminate meat and animal products, at least during the treatment phase if not forever. High acid vegetables, like tomatoes and any other food that the individual has trouble digesting should be eliminated until the colon is well healed. Meats, milks and irritating foods cause much colon irritation and may be a reason for the bowel problem. During the first phase of colitis or IBS the patient will be taking many enemas, so that roughage is not that necessary. I recommend daily or twice daily large warm baking soda enemas as described above, one in the early morning, and one before the evening meal. Follow these with retention flax jell enemas if there is any pain or irritation still present in the colon. A little psyllium to pull out waste products and cholesterol etc. is good. Being sure enough water is taken with this to prevent it clumping in the intestines is important. No other roughage is fine in the first phase. Just be sure to avoid harsh roughage. Now when the pain is better, the soft roughage should be copious. Eat all the fresh green vegetables that they can eat. Eat any other fresh living salad type food that is well tolerated. This is important in healing the colon. This is important in helping the colon to begin to function on its own again. Restoring a healthful normal bacterial flora to the colon is vital. The lining cells of the colon are replaced every three days in a healthful young person. It is reasonable have relief of the painful stage of IBS or colitis within three days of being on this program with younger patients. It may last longer depending on the age, degree of damage and overall health of the individual. Many of my patients have been pain free, and lost their nervousness after three days of a good vegan diet, twice daily enema sessions and relaxation.

I recommend lots of enemas, but this does not mean keep taking enemas constantly. As soon as the acute phase of the IBS is done and all pain is gone, a regular bowel movement should be starting. To do this, I recommend taking a good dose, several teaspoons of psyllium husks with a full glass of water per teaspoon in the evening. Then try to have a normal BM in the morning, before doing an enema. If the treatment has totally succeeded, regular bowel movements should be occurring soon after starting the enemas. The enemas are an acute phase treatment. I do not believe that continuing them beyond the time it is necessary to treat the condition is unhealthful. I have no problem with constant enemas, if normal colon function cannot be restored, however it is better to have the bowels contract and work on their own. I often recommend weekly one day fast with enemas. Taking enemas as needed, when properly given, is not known to cause any problem. Still, my gut feeling is that the enema, like any crutch, is a crutch. It is a better crutch than laxatives, or pills. Nonetheless, health is best served by striving to have normal bowel movements without external help.

In my colonic practice I did not use colonics that often for this condition. Colonics are wonderful for many conditions, but colitis and IBS have special needs. Colitis patients need large amounts of treatment Colonics vary in cost. An IBS patient with an acute problem needs several hours of treatment per day. This consists of a good baking soda enema or two, which they hold for ten minutes before expelling, followed by a flax retention enema. The length of time required in office would make this prohibitively expensive in most clinics. It could be done in a spa environment. It only takes five to ten minutes to inject an enema for a nurse moving from patient to patient. This does not provide the TLC that is important in treating these patients. Home enemas administered by a family member or friend are by far the best for these patients. Self administered enemas may be necessary, and these work, getting complete compliance is just more difficult.

Another factor, there must be no chlorine in the water, so that a colonic machine would need a very good water filter. Boiling the water in preparation for enemas is easy. Next, the major parts of treatment, is the neutralization of acidic waste, which requires adding baking soda to the water, and emulsions like flax jell. Colonics do better in washing out the colon, but enemas can do this too. The important thing is that the water be alkaline. The baking soda is crucial, and retention of the water is very important while the baking soda works. The colon must stay dilated and gently exposed to the alkaline water. The constant washing in and out with the colonics is absolutely marvelous in washing the colon wall. It is not so good over irritated areas. As well in many states they prohibit colon therapists from adding substances to the water for colonics. This is considered treating disease, and is the illegal practice of medicine. In the rest of the world, colonic machines come with additive tanks for treatment. With one of these machines, then, of course, treating colitis with colonics is reasonable. However, in the United States, with our restrictions on the use of the machines with additive tanks, a major treatment factor in helping colitis and IBS patients is eliminated. Your colon therapist is still a valuable person to know though. They may know local physicians that have knowledge of colon therapy. They are also likely to have good knowledge of the use of enemas and may be a good resource for direct questions.

The same criticisms of legality, could, I suppose, be leveled against enemas. For a mother, wife or husband to add baking soda to the enema water to relieve irritable bowel syndrome could be just as much the practice of medicine as it is using a colonic machine. However, I took this treatment out of an old home health manual. The use of home enemas has been common practice and is well documented, including additives, long before there were any medical acts to violate. It is likely that home enemas will always enjoy the protection of common law since they have always been home health treatments. They were never considered the exclusive practice of medical doctors. As well, the medical police are much less likely to break down the bathroom doors of private homes and confiscate $16 enema bags. Charging husbands, wives or other family members with the practice of medicine for treating each other, is also likely to backfire. Public outrage is possible, and the cases would be very difficult to prove. They are more likely to attack colon therapists and take-away $5,000 machines.

It is a little like persecuting religions. Going after religious leaders in their churches is always more effective, rather than individual practitioners. If they destroy the education system and source of professional knowledge of a system, the common people usually forget the information and adopt new beliefs and behaviors over a few generations. Political medicine has listed colon therapy as one modality to eliminated. First medical doctors that use or recommend enemas are driven from practice. Organized efforts have been used to drive chiropractors out of the practice of doing colonics. Some states have made it illegal for chiropractors to supervise colonics. For example in Colorado, doing colonics is illegal for chiropractors, even though they are the only doctors trained to do them licenced in that state. They do not bother other people who are not doctors if they do colonics, only chiropractors. Naturopaths have been driven from practice in general and are so few in number as to not be considered that much of a threat by medicine now. Their continued presence and little publicized efforts are not a worry to the molders and manipulators of public behavior now. However, despite a 50-year campaign to eliminate all colon therapy (which I must mention was done without one hour's scientific research into the reasons or results of that therapy) has not succeeded.

IBS patients still learn about enemas and use them, as do people for other conditions. We must question why colon therapy survives and continues to grow. First, it is a logical treatment of diseases like colitis. The fortress of colon care has remained the home. A new resurgence of interest in colon hydrotherapy has occurred as the people have become more educated and knowledgeable about the functions of the human body. Education is the most likely tool to keep colon therapy as a distinct and important tool in treating diseases like colitis and IBS, as well as promoting better general health for all people. The use of colon therapy for IBS did decline for a time, but now it will grow back. The people of America and the 1st world through WWII were good soldiers. They did what they were told. They did not question doctors, presidents or other leaders as much as we do now. For one thing they did not have the knowledge to question these people. How many of our mothers knew any chemistry, or biology, or really understood the functions of the colon, or what IBS was? High school students now can get several years of anatomy and physiology training. LPNs have far better training in the functions of the human body than doctors did fifty years ago. The American people are no longer dummies. They are well educated. They can read, and understand their own diseases and their treatments. We are a questioning generation that is well read. We go to the library, research, and think through, our own problems. We no longer just put our trust in professionals. Today, patients think for themselves.

Doctors often recommend taking a pill for an acid burn of the colon, rather than washing the acid out with an enema. It is just not logical. Most Americans take high school chemistry. Those that passed this course know that the first thing to do with acid on the skin is to wash it off. The colon is no different. No amount of drug industry propaganda can hide this truth. Simple, painless, harmless treatments like enemas are often better and more effective than the most expensive pill or potion. This is true with most cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colitis.

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In the preceding article we have given a simple, logical system of treatment that can prevent or correct a painful, serious health problem. The simple enema is an ancient form of therapy that has proven its worth though thousands of years of service. It has only been in the last fifty years that they have questioned, and curtailed its use in health care practice.

Why? Is it scientific investigation of this practice that has put it in the category of blood letting, and caused it to be discarded? If we go through all the scientific research of the last eighty or more years, we find not one hour of research on simple baking soda, saline or water enemas to show we should stop them. Soap enemas have been shown to cause colitis. This is no surprise. Phosphate enemas have been shown to cause irritation, dehydration and calcium deficiency. This is no surprise. The simple water with a little baking soda, causes no problems like this. So we can eliminate scientific study as a reason for stopping simple enemas in our hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices and other health care institutions. No valid scientific paper condemning the proper use of enemas has been written.

A few articles in non scientific, or popular medical literature oppose enemas. All articles in referenced journals have been based on either improperly given enemas being ineffective for purposes for which enemas are not used, or criticize the lack of common sense by some enema givers. In 1962 small phosphate enemas and small soapy enemas in labor were found to be ineffective at preventing soiling at birth. All good doctors, at that time, knew that phosphate enemas should not be used in labor. These can cause calcium deficiency and cramping. They knew that the enemas needed to be large to be effective for the purpose they gave them. They knew that the reason for giving the enemas was not to prevent soiling. The purpose of given enemas in labor is to increase contractions and made delivery easier and quicker for the mother. We explained in depth in the first issue of the Colon Therapy Journal in February. Other reports showed that ramming nozzles in could do harm, or that giving many enemas in rapid succession could do harm, particularly to patients who were unable to express their discomfort, such as babies. One study on colonic irrigations proved that colonics done with dirty equipment could spread amoebic dysentery-surprise-- surprise. No criticism or documentation has ever made of the proper use of enemas causing even the slightest problem for a patient.

Why then has the practice of medicine abandoned the use of the simple enema? Only one reason is evident. Giving enemas does not make money. Fifty years ago, when enemas were common treatments, doctors controlled local hospitals. Doctors owned their own practices and clinics. They worked for profit, but they also controlled patient care as human beings. They very frequently put patient interest first. The way of thinking educated into all doctors of that era was to, consider the patient first. Now a doctor that does that can be barred from hospital practice. They can have their hospital privileges removed and be cut off from medicare and other payment plans if they provide more care to an individual than allowed in practice or hospital guide lines. Enemas are not even considered in these guidelines. Only those treatments directed from the government or industry central offices of accounting and profitability are allowed when insurance or government monies are involved. I doubt we will ever see simple baking soda enemas used again in corporate American medicine to treat colitis. Enemas are not profitable. In other countries, where corporate medicine is not in control, enemas are still used.

Our corporate system may not have a soul, but stockholders do. If we allow corporate medicine to be totally controlled, with only the hope of making more money from the suffering of our fellow humans, it is going to be a sad future. We can change this. Perhaps if the people in mass stormed the hospitals, HMO headquarters or other control system and beat the leaders there with enema hoses until they showed some sign of compassion about the people in their care, it would make a difference. This is not likely to happen.

What can happen is that those who make those profits can vote with their dollars. In other issues like hospitals refusing to care for old people or others because the guidelines or their insurance will not pay for heart surgeries, or necessary care, individuals can withhold payment by going to other insurance companies or supporting other institutions who do give better care. This is unlikely to fix the situation with enemas though. What can help is to use some profits made to finance alternative operations. Colonel Sanders did this by giving money to Chiropractic colleges and hospitals. The Ford and Rockefeller foundations have always been sources of money for many projects that were good for humankind, but not necessarily profitable, as have thousands of other trust funds.

The enema is a common, simple, ancient treatment. It can survive. All the enema needs is to have public knowledge of its worth. If the public becomes aware of the benefits of enemas, the reasons they are given and how to do them, then health care will be forced to follow. We do not see simple baking soda enemas given in conventional medicine in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. We do see the provision of showers and eye wash fountains in chemistry labs. Washing off corrosive chemicals is well understood. If it were not, we might see pill dispensers in labs rather than washing stations. It is only common sense to wash off corrosive chemicals. It is only common sense to wash out corrosive chemicals. Once the people understand this, the leaders must follow.

How will the people learn? Will it be on 20 20 or another health news show? That is highly unlikely. Our media is well controlled. However, this article is of interest to anyone who has irritable bowel syndrome or colitis? A person in pain with this problem often has a very low interest in obtaining the most profitable treatment, albeit it ineffective, for the medical industry when it is their own bowel that is at stake. If we take one disorder or condition at a time and print the truth about it, we begin. When a critical mass of people know the truth, the system will change. When doctors, hospitals and institutions become foolish in their opposition to simple, physiologically correct treatments like the enema, they will again be accepted. This acceptance and demand for proper treatment must come from the people. Those people who have the resources to make change profitable for those in the trenches can make those changes much more rapid.

Many changes that have been earth changing have come from funding to non profit organizations or individuals seeking to make changes. Teddy Roosevelt was a wealthy young man. He used his money to travel and learn himself. He learned about nature and saw our splendid wilderness. He talked to his wealthy friends. They used their own money to begin a campaign for national parks and nature preserves. These parks are wonderful, and all Americans have benefitted from the knowledge of nature caused by the efforts of wealthy men and women to share with all people.

Isn't it time we shared the knowledge we have about enemas and colon therapy with the world? How can we do this? I seem to be a voice in the wilderness on this. This magazine, the book I have written, the first in a series on enemas and colonic irrigations, are beginnings. Unfortunately I am not Teddy Roosevelt. I had good parents that helped me get an education, however that money is long gone. There are no funds in my bank account to buy up land and create parks as was the case for our original park builders. The magazine you have, the book written, and the books and books to be written, can change the world. They can bring back, and improve the quality and use of enemas to a world that needs this care. However, they cannot do this unless people read them. In order for people to know the truth, we must make them available to them. You are one of a little more than 300 to whom we have made this information on irritable bowel syndrome available.

If we had the funds to publicize this work, to distribute it tens of thousands, perhaps millions of people could know. The work on other publications needs to be done. Putting out the information we already know will make the world be a better place, a heathier place. We have already covered how and why enemas are useful in treating colds and flu, during labor before childbirth, and now irritable bowel syndrome. In the medical literature I have there are more than 120 more conditions to cover that have been traditionally and successfully treated with enemas and colon therapy. A book is to be written to consolidate this knowledge. This second book is to be published as one text, and as a dozen or more booklets on common conditions, with which people who have these conditions can read and understand how to have better health through colon therapy. A third book is to be written on procedures and equipment.7 All of these require editing and improvement in style and format to be fully accepted. It is important that the people know the truth, and be able to have better lives for knowing it. It is important that this knowledge not be suppressed for profit. Real profit must be based on caring for people, the earth we live on and some higher value than just the size of bank accounts.

I have spent more than fifty years acquiring the knowledge you have seen a portion of here.  If those that believe in this work do not do it, who will? Truth and the sharing of truth are important. It is an altruistic value that has economic value. Knowledge once gained and popularized raises the value of life. Henry Ford violated the financial paradigm of his day by seeking to allow common people to drive and paying a wage that allowed common people to have more than a sustenance living. His cars and his workers changed the world. They, once free from the bondage of poverty, freed the world. We can free the world too. However, I cannot do this alone, any more than Henry Ford could do it alone. He had backers, people that believed in him, and more so, his cars. You have my model T. Help turn the crank and get this first Tin Lizzy on the road, and someday billions of people will be free from disease, healthy, because you saw and fed the dream. It needs some work, but it is up and ready to run. Will you help make it available to your friends, family and the world?

What can you do to help?  Purchase the first book already in publication. It is now in its fifth edition, and much more polished than before. The first copy by direct mail from us cost $4.95 for the E-book, $19.50 for the paper back and $28.50 for the hard back.  Reasonable employment offers which would support me and allow time for writing and work on this cause are seriously considered. All the money we receive in this work is destined to help others. We can develop each penny we receive through the first $25,000 into an out reach that can share the truth with at least one more human being. Be part of sharing the truth. Be the best you can be, give so that others can know the truth as you do, so that others can have a better life. Send what you can! Send it now!
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